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One thing that is part of my practise that I love doing is working to commission. It can be a funny old business, because you are trying to interpret what the client wants, and making sure that you cover that, but also interpret their ideas in your own style. It has to be that they love your work and want your work personalised for them, otherwise it just won't work.

This big dish is inscribed with a personal message and has drawings on the base depicting important moments in the receivers life. The sailing boat is one she owned and sailed on with her husband. It was made as a special gift.

I do two types of commissions . The first is where someone has seen something they like and I might already have sold it and they really just want something similar made. No two pieces are ever the same, and with these commissions, which are not really too personalised, I can offer a buy it if you like it., and no worries if you don't because I will sell it elsewhere. Only once has someone decided it wasn't for them, and they bought another piece anyway.

The second is where I work really closely with the client, making initial sketches, altering the design if needed and adding a personal inscription on the base, like the dish above. With these you are committed to the process and to buying the finished article, but I can say that previous clients have been delighted. Sometimes it is the really personal gift that shows how much you care and value the relationship. Not all of these feature boats! it might be a special place you have been, a home you have made, or even a meal you have enjoyed. It is also worth mentioning that a personalised piece is not a lot more expensive than just buying from stock, with just an additional cost to reflect time spent making sketches and interpreting what you are looking for in a piece. It is helpful to provide photos or links to images of your ideas. The other thing to think about is timing, and I would advise that you need to allow at least eight weeks. Hopefully it can be made quicker, but you have to allow plenty of time as things can go wrong, and I only like to fire a full kiln.

Do feel free to contact me via email at or by phone 07905524510 to discuss any work you might like to commission.

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