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A generous size for a bud vase. The shell range is inspired by decadent seaside glamour. These vases are slab built from red earthenware clay with slip and glaze decoration giving a beautiful depth to the soft grey finish. They are then embellished with a copper bronze lustre with a final firing in the kiln. NEW- Now avaliable in Platinum or Gold as well. 


The narrow neck will support fragile stems, but the flared form enables a lovely small bouquet to be displayed. These make a perfect gift for the flower lover or gardener. Equally they catch the light and can be a sculptural display piece. 


14cm high. 8cm diameter at base and 5 cm at neck. 

All sizes are approximate as every item is hand crafted. Hand washing is recommended. 

Shell Bud Vase

SKU: 0703
Lustre Colour
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