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The Swan of the Exe was launched in 1860 at Exmouth From the boat builder Mr Dixon's yard. " It having become known when this elegant little yacht was to be launched, a large number of persons flocked to the beach, the novelty of her construction having attracted considerable attention during the last few weeks. The scene was of great animation and beauty, heightened by the strains of Exmouth brass band, which played some most lively music. The yacht was brought down to the water from Mr Dixon's yard on rollers. After a little necessary delay to allow the chain cable, &c., to be taken on board, the order to launch was given. The ceremony of naming was performed by Miss Peacock, a daughter of the owner, and the band struck up "Rule Britannia".


This large oval platter is handcrafted in red earthenware clay. The image on this plate is handpainted with slip colours I have mixed myself. Decoration is also applied by scratching through to the layer beneath- a technique called sgraffito. 


Each piece is a unique work of art as no two pieces are ever the same. This piece can be hung up with a plate hanger or used as a dish or for display. 


37cm x 32cm. 

Swan of the Exe Large Platter

SKU: 0358
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