I love working with the earthy red clay that glows through my lush handpainted glazes. 

I never tire of the coastal landscapes and maritime heritage that informs my work. 



Lino cut with soft handpainted glazes or detailed sgrafitto. Each platter is a handcrafted art work. 

Shell Range

Coastal decadence. Subtle glazes contrast with delicious vibrant metallics. 

Rum Cups

And Drinking Vessels. These are great for any beverage, or as a container for pencils, or flowers. 


For milk, for flowers, to hold, to use or just to admire. 

Large Bowls

Grandly proportioned dishes and bowls. Each one tells a story. 

Pedestal Bowls

Sculptural in form, these art pieces make a great display

Slab Vessels

Sculptural vase forms  with painterly surfaces. 

Drinking Vessels

Build your collection and start a flotilla. 

Slab Vessels

Sculptural vase forms  with painterly surfaces. 

Soap Dishes

Practical and beautiful. These make great gifts. 



Individually made mugs. No two are alike. 


Blank greetings cards for your own message.